Ceramic Heating Cartridges

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Ceramic Heating Cartridges
  • EC2C Disposable Plastic Cartridge

    #ccell Ceramic Heating Element Inside

    Customizable Pressed-in Mouthpiece Color

    Standard 510 Thread

  • AC1003 Oil Cartridges

    Top side fill, friendly oil filling.

    Solid cermic rod heating element, no brunt taste.

    Glass tank and Brass mouthpiece

  • A3 Glass Cartridges

    Oil Capacity – 0.5ml and 1.0ml
    Oil Hole Size – 0.9mm×4
    Housing Material: Glass

  • EC1C Vape Cartridges

    #ccell Ceramic Heating Element, No Burn taste.

    Glass Cartridge

    Bottom Airflow 

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