EC2C cartridge is another #ccell ceramich heating cartridge for option, with plastic cartridge housing and plastic mouthpiece. The plastic tank is made of Eng. Thermoplastic, which is a special material used in eletronic cigarette. 

This cartridge features with a customizable pressed-in mouthpice color.

Product Specification:

2 Part Cartridge

Press-in Mouthpiece

Disposable Cartridge

Stainless Steel Ccell Cartridge Base

Plastic Cartridge Housing

Optional Cartridge Capacity: 0.5ml/1ml

Customizable pressed-in mouthpice color

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Mouthpiece of EC2C is locked by pressed-in and makes this cartridge a disposable cartridge, not-refillable.

Customizable Mouthpiece Color

Since EC2C cartridge's mouthpiece is made of plastic, it has many possibilities to make its mouthpiece with custom color easily to meet personal brand requirement.

#ccell Ceramic Heating Technology

Heating element used on EC2C vape cartridge is made of a revolutionary ceramic cell which has the coils embedded inside Nanoscale ceramic, by sintering the ceramic powder at 1200℉. 

Compared with traditional wick heating elements, the ceramic heating element eliminated the burnt taste, provides pure flaovrs at the first puff and performances good in consistent puffs.

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