EC1C ceramic cartridgeis best seller ceramic mouthpice cartridge on the oil vape carts market ever. It featured the revolurationary ceramic heating element of embedded coil technology(#ccell technology). Medical glass tank to match with various choices of mouthpiece makes this cartridge perfectly meets customer's different requirements. 

Product Specification:

Cartridge Base Material: Metal

Tank: Glass

Tank Volume: 0.5ml/1.0ml

Screwed-in Mouthpiece

Mouthpiece Material: Ceramic/Metal/Plastic 

Refill Cartridge

2 Part Cartridge

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EC1C ceramic glass tank vape cartridge uses medical ceramic for heating of embedded coil technology. Oils go through Nanoscale ceramic cell which is achieved by high temperature sintering, and this cutting-edge ceramic heating element enables perfect oil absorbing to keep No Burning taste but No Leaking. It is designed to be optimized for vaping high viscosity extracts effectively and provided smooth good vapor. 

In addition, EC1C ceramic vape cartridge is the mainstream oil cart in the cartridges market. It has a rich options in cartridge mouthpieces to meet different requirement.

Revolutionary Technology

Heating element used on EC1C vape cartridge is made of a revolutionary ceramic cell which has the coils embedded inside Nanoscale ceramic, by sintering the ceramic powder at 1200℉. 

Compared with traditional wick heating elements, the ceramic heating element eliminated the burnt taste, provides pure flaovrs at the first puff and performances good in consistent puffs.

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