This top airflow vape cartridge EQ1C features the first ever cartridge with a QUARTZ heating element to give consumer the best possible pure taste than any other ceramic heating element cartridges. In addition, with its removable center column, makes this cartridge outstanding in oil filling. Send Inquiry
As known to all, those concentrates vaporizer whose heating element is made of quartz has the purest taste among ceramic heating element and traditional grade 2 medical titanium coils. It works the same while embedded coil quartz cell heating element is used on cartridges, quartz keeps the purest flaovr. EQ1C is the frist ever vape cartridge which is featured with a revolutionary quartz core as its heating element. Wanna have the most natural flavor of the CO2 extract oils? EQ1C is the best choice.

Top Airflow Brass Mouthpiece

Why Top Airflow the matters for non-leaking? Bottom airflow cartirdges bear nagative pressure after filled, oils above cartridge base while airflow holes are at bottom of cartridge base. When comes to top airflow cartridge, it doesn't have such kind of concern due to its special airflow cycle structure.

In addition, a metal Brass mouthpiece will work much better than aluminium alloy mouthpiece and zinc alloy mouthpiece, because brass is slower in heat conduction than other metals, which makes it work outstanding in a continuously vaping. 

Removable Center Column

Most of the cartridges on market are top side filling, means a very small gap for the syringe needle and it is not friendly to a Syrings when filling oils.

While our EQ1C quartz heating cartridge has removable center column to solve those filling issues.

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